Meet Paul Sarfati

Paul’s passion for travel started with his grandparents Jacobo and Clara, as they took him on a six-week summer trip to New York, Paris, Turkey, and Israel when he was 13 years old. This trip opened his eyes to new cultures, new experiences, and the world of global travel.

When he was 16 he had the opportunity to travel with his mom and brother on a 2-month backpacking trip around Europe. At 18, he decided to embark on a 12-month backpacking trip around the world where he got the chance to sleep with a Masai Tribe in Kenya, hike to the Annapurna Base Camp, learned to Dive in Egypt, took a Thai massage course in Thailand, and he constantly experienced things he had never done before.

These trips changed his life, and decided that he wanted to do a business that was related to travel somehow. He went to Babson College, in Boston, where he studied Entrepreneurship and started working on a business plan during his time there, and by the end of college he won the Business Plan award for his soon-to-be Bamba Experience.

At the age of 24 he embarked on his first entrepreneurial journey, went back to Mexico and together with his lifelong friend Arturo Martinez launched and created a very successful global tour operation business which still operates today

Paul Sarfati
Paul Sarfati

The pandemic put a full hold on the travel industry, and Paul was left with big decisions to make about the future of his company, and the future of the travel industry. In April 2020, he quickly realized that he needed to work on something that would be the future of travel, and thus came his excitement to developing Baboo

With his 15+ years of experience in the industry, he understands its problems and limitations, realizing there was a better way to plan and organize custom-made trips and finding a way to help the planet by eliminating the carbon footprint of all the trips customers buy. Paul’s desire has always been to create local, authentic and sustainable travel experiences so travelers can experience the world, get to know more about themselves, and be more empathetic towards the world around them.

Paul Sarfati

“Baboo connects travelers with a global community of Local In-Destination Experts who know their destination inside out to create a flawless, personalized itinerary. We make trip planning stress-free, exciting, and social. But travel does put a strain on Mother Earth.

At Baboo, we believe that sustaining is not enough. We need to try to regenerate this beautiful planet. That is why Baboo offsets 110% of your trip’s carbon footprint and brings real benefits for local communities.”