Meet our team

The small Baboo Team combines a century of travel experience. It includes nationals from Mexico, the United States, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Spain, Peru, and Colombia. We are dedicated to building a new world of travel, with our trusted network of local travel designers ready to plan the ultimate tailor made experiences.

Paul Sarfati

Chief Executive Officer

Travel Personality:

Paul is an avid traveler, entrepreneur, and expert in the travel industry. Passionate about the future of technology, crypto, and soccer. Founded Bamba, a very successful travel company and ready for new challenges.

Rick Carassai

Chief Operational Officer

Travel Personality:

Rick has learned many languages and skills whilst living in countless cultures during his 15+ years of non-stop travelling since leaving Italy. He is now transforming what he learned into sustainable action!

Elina Limanska

Head of Partnerships

Travel Personality:

Elina is a natural-born traveler who finds it difficult to return home once departed! She is super passionate about people, as a result of leaving her home country (Latvia) at a young age, in pursue of adventure!

Sandra Bojorquez

Head of Partnerships

Travel Personality:

Sandra has traveled through Southeast Asia and some parts of Europe, but she also loves to explore her own country, Mexico. When she is not traveling, she is researching new destinations to discover.

Judith Flores

Content Coordinator

Travel Personality:

Judith is a translator and a linguaphile who is passionate about cultures, languages and travelling. She is a travel specialist with experience in operations management and has collaborated in different capacities in travel content projects.

Leslie Panfilo

Content Assistant

Travel Personality:

Leslie moved to Mexico City and has since traveled throughout various countries. This led her to work in tourism and after almost 10 years she is always eager to bring a jouney to life for travelers and shed new light on a destination.

Katie Zellhoefer

Creative Content Editor

Travel Personality:

Katie has traveled to nearly 50 countries across the globe and has worked in tourism for 15 years. She is passionate about helping travelers experience new destinations, explore foreign cultures and meet new friends. She’s always searching for new adventures in unknown places.

Alexis Zuñiga

Chief Design Officer

Travel Personality:

As a forward-thinking art and creative director, Alexis passion is to forge a strong bond between creative and business teams to create engaging products that tell a story, evoke emotions, and help design a better world to live in.

Marco Berneveld

Chief Creative Director

Travel Personality:

Marco is a globally published travel storyteller. His travel stories have been published in, amongst others, National Geographic Traveler, Newsweek, Lonely Planet Traveler and Sidetracked. He is the founder of WideOyster Magazine. 

Javier Gonzales

Chief Storyteller

Travel Personality:

Javier was editor-in-chief for twelve years at Oxígeno magazine. A master of mountaineering and outdoor sports and, of course, wine tastings. Javi is member of the Adventure Media Advisory Group, and in charge of the Spanish edition of WideOyster Magazine.

Katherine Courrejoyas

Social Media Manager

Travel Personality:

Coming from Lima, Peru, she fell in love with the concept of sustainable tourism. She traveled extensively around South America, creating tailor-made trips & content for her clients. Recently, she moved to Mexico, where she has begun to explore a new aspect of Latin America.

Yael Schwartzman

Chief Tech Officer

Travel Personality:

Yael’s mission in life is to enable the growth and well-being of people through technology. She is a Mexican developer and designer focused on creating new mobile technology solutions for urban and rural marginalized users.

Michael Kleinerman

Design Advisor

Travel Personality:

Michael brings design strategy from brand to UI. Born and raised in Colombia, now living in Brooklyn. During the past 10 years at Google, he has worked on Android, YouTube, and Google Search. Bali is on his personal bucket list.

Rogelio Gutierrez

Senior Front Developer

Travel Personality:

As a digital nomad, Rogelio is always traveling, learning and programming. With his experience of more than 15 years developing websites, he has now been building next-generation applications to make life easier for his clients.

Gerardo Moxca Ruíz

Senior Back-end Developer

Travel Personality:

Gerardo, graduated with a degree in Computer Science, tech lover, believer of “everything has a solution”. Willing to help, is a full stack developer, committed, and  independent, developer of technological solutions.

Radames Romero Lopez

Product Coordinator

Travel Personality:

Radames’ vision of success goes beyond a high profitability, to him, it includes the satisfaction of the client, product quality, assertive communication and generate a favorable environment for all the team among others.