What is your Travel Personality?

To serve you even better and make your custom trip even more perfectly suited to your personality, we have developed a travel personality test.

The input for the development of this test, is based on thirty years of scientific research into travel personalities.

Are you an Explorer an Adventurer a Globetrotter a Traveler a Passenger a Tourist ?

Find out which type of traveler you are and see if you identify with any of the Travel Personalities.

To learn more about a specific personality type, simply click on their box below.

You’re the one who marks the paths rather than following the signs.​

You are a natural-born backpacker, and that spirit will remain in you forever .

You flourish in the thrill of a new destination waiting to be discovered.

You’re eclectic, sociable and the most common type of personality.

You avoid checking-in a suitcase because it only slows you down.

You stand out for your honesty, coherence, and love for sightseeing.

Does your personality define the way you travel or does the way you travel define your personality?