About Baboo

Baboo is the ultimate matchmaker for travelers by matching them directly with local travel designers and by matching their travel itineraries with their travel personalities.

We enjoy exploring our planet and want to do our part to keep it healthy for future generations.

We love, and aim, to create the perfect match in every journey while making the world a little better:

  • by empowering our Local In-destination Experts
  • by driving real value to their local communities, and
  • by helping our travelers to be carbon positive and their travels regenerative.
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Why choose Baboo

Booking a trip is stressful. On average, people spent thirty hours researching. Enter Baboo. We connect you directly with Local Destination Experts who know their destination inside-out. They know the best hotels, the best experiences. Based on your preferences, they will create your perfect trip. 

About Baboo

Our gift to the earth

There are a million reasons why we travel. Travel rules, but it puts a strain on Mother Earth. We believe that sustaining the status quo is not enough; we need to regenerate this beautiful planet. That is why Baboo makes your journey carbon positive by compensating 110% of the carbon footprint of your trip. Included in the price.


Our Vision

Baboo chooses to do good for both people and planet. We use our business as a force for good by balancing profits and purpose by making sure revenue goes directly to local communities, and by overcompensating CO2 off-set.


Our Mission

The influence of tourism on the environment is immense; travelers have a direct influence on CO2 emissions, deforestation, animal welfare, reef destruction & soil erosion. It’s a harsh truth, but we’re here to make a positive impact on the world.

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Our Core Values

We believe that it’s essential to be transparent about our values. These are more than just statements; they are a way of life for us. Our core values positively impact our environment, employees, and community; they are the heart of Baboo.


Meet our CEO

Paul, our founding father, has been passionate about travel since traveling the world as a kid with his family. While in college, he started his first travel company called Bamba Experience. With his 15+ years of experience in the travel space, he realized an easier, better, and smarter way of booking trips, and created Baboo.


Meet our team

Our small Baboo family combines centuries of travel experience. It includes nationals from Mexico, the United States, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Spain, Peru, and Colombia. We work closely with our trusted global network of about 1000 Local Travel Designers. We are ready to plan the ultimate tailor-made experiences for you.