Our Mission to help Regenerate Mother Earth

Our love for Mother Earth and its people require our participation to help the overall environmental health of the planet and people in need. We aim to protect biodiversity, benefit local communities, and help combat climate change actively.

We are fighting for our future generations

The influence of tourism on the environment is immense; travelers directly influence CO2 emissions, deforestation, animal welfare, reef destruction, and soil erosion. It’s a harsh truth, but we’re here to make a positive impact on the world.

Baboo Earth Gift

As a first step toward helping the environment and the community, Baboo has taken a strong stance on climate change by promising to help recover the emissions made by each traveler’s trip.

Animal welfare

Baboo has agreed not to sell or advertise the use of wild animals. Instead, we commit to providing conservation and welfare activities and viewing animals in their habitat.

Be the change

Baboo certified B-Corporation believing that businesses should be part of the solution & aim actively to make this world a better place for all: people, planet, and wildlife.

Global impact

Baboo adheres to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and supports “know and show” as a way to demonstrate respect for these principles.


Baboo targets different areas impacted by tourism and aims to guide its local expert partners and clients to take responsibility for their social and environmental impact.


The Baboo Manifesto

We collaborate with DMCs, Tour Operators, Local Suppliers, and Communities to address complex global challenges

The Baboo Manifesto demonstrates how Baboo and its Local In-destination Experts pledge to offer outstanding service, as well as a commitment to make travel Ethical, Sustainable, and a Force for Good.

Let a dedicated team of local in-destination experts start working on your tailor-made trip today

Let a dedicated team of local in-destination experts start working on your tailor-made trip today