Working Towards Sustainable Traveling

Our travel plans have the ability to influence change. Our travel choices, together with industry improvements, contribute to a more environmentally sustainable future for traveling.

It's time to consider how our travel affects the world around us.


Next time you’re trying to decide where to travel, keep the distance between potential destinations in mind. Your impact is determined by the available transportation options and the destination’s relative distance from you.

Local exploration is climate-friendly since you travel less and don’t fly. Plus, it’s cost-effective.

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Adventures nearby

Check out the local sights. Go to a local attraction like a museum or park you’ve never been to before.

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Local travels

Think about cutting down on the distance of your next trip. Go on an adventure to the next town, state, or neighbor country.

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Travel farther

To be more sustainable on long trips, prioritize direct flights or fewer frequent departures to distant destinations.


The primary contributor to pollution from tourism is transportation. Emissions can be minimized depending on how you reach your next destination.

Bus, rail, and carpooling are greener than flying, and cost-effective and handy when available.

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Avoid flying

Burning fuel releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (CO2e). Less or no flying will reduce these pollutants. This reduces your environmental impact notably.

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Catch a bus or train

Short-haul flights are inefficient. Instead of a short flight, consider a train or bus. Trains and buses produce less pollution over the same distance than planes do. Electric trains and buses that don’t burn fossil fuels are beneficial for the environment.

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Roadtrip with friends

Since there are fewer people in a vehicle than on a bus, more pollution is produced by each driver. Still, taking a car full of people is better for the planet than taking a plane.


Support eco-friendly hotels while picking a location to stay. Stay at sustainable lodgings that use less energy and water, decrease waste, or source climate-friendly goods.

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Includes energy-saving thermostats, lighting, heating, and cooling, or carbon-free energy.

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Water-efficient faucets, toilets, and showers or towel reuse reduce water use.

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Recycling or food waste-reduction initiatives, donating or composting extra food, and secure discarding of devices.

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Local food and drinks, eco-friendly toiletries, and responsibly-sourced seafood.

Let a dedicated team of local in-destination experts start working on your tailor-made trip today

Let a dedicated team of local in-destination experts start working on your tailor-made trip today