Our core values

We believe that it’s essential to be transparent about our values. These are more than just statements; they are a way of life for us. Our core values positively impact our environment, employees, and community; they are the heart of Baboo.

We love to travel

Passionate about travel, we are committed to helping our planet by supporting environmental causes, championing social connection, and providing personalized happiness through our service. We aim to always do the right thing, promoting diversity, inclusion and equity for all.


Passion about travel

We live for travel, and this passion and enthusiasm permeates everything we do and everything we say.


Helping the planet

Environment and people benefit through small but actionable steps. It is our responsibility to take care of our planet.


Social connections

The key to happiness and well-being is having strong social connections, so we make it simple to connect with others.


Delivering happiness

Everyone could use a little more love in their lives! In whatever way you can, bring happiness and joy to others.


Always do the right thing

Because even the smallest action can create a big ripple, always strive to make the world a better place for yourself and others.


Diversity & integration

At Baboo we include diversity, equity and integration, and implement new practices and behavior to fully live into this value.