Traveling the World: The Family Explorer’s Guide

The Ultimate Tips to Survive and Thrive on Your Next Family Travel

Discover the comprehensive guide to family travel: Explore the world with kids! Learn expert tips and top destinations for unforgettable adventures together. #familytravel

Practical Advise, Pro Tips, and Guidance to Traveling with Kids

Embark on the ultimate family adventure with Baboo Travel, the experts in family travel! Join our email course led by Sarah Johnson, our Family Travel Expert.

Get ready for a three-week journey filled with valuable tips on choosing the perfect destination, budgeting, packing, and more.

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What's in the family travel course?

Ready to plan the ultimate family adventure? Our 8-email course is the only resource you need.


How to Choose Your Next Destination

Choosing a destination can be a daunting task, especially when you have little ones to consider. This will help.

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Safety for Your Family Trip

Tips and tricks to avoid common travel scams and what to do in dangerous situations

Family Travel Course Budgeting

Budget for Your Family Adventure

Here are some of the things that you should know about budgeting for your family travel.

culture - family travel tips

Navigating Cultural Differences

How to respect local customs and traditions. What should you and your family learn before going.

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How and What to Pack for Your Trip

Know the essential items you don’t want to forget when packing for your family adventure.

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Creating Lasting Memories

Interesting and unique activities for everyone in your family while traveling

family travel tips - book icon kids entertainment

Keeping Your Kids Entertained

Games and activities to make your kids attentive and interested on your trip.





Why Baboo is Good for Family Trips

We collaborate with DMCs, Tour Operators, Local Suppliers, and Communities to address complex global challenges

The Baboo Manifesto demonstrates how Baboo and its Local In-destination Experts pledge to offer outstanding service, as well as a commitment to make travel Ethical, Sustainable, and a Force for Good.

Let a dedicated team of local in-destination experts start working on your tailor-made trip today

Let a dedicated team of local in-destination experts start working on your tailor-made trip today