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Make a Trip Inquiry & Check Messages​

Craft unique itineraries for your clients & quickly check messages.
Make a Trip Inquiry &amp; Check Messages​

Welcome to Baboo travel! The philosophy behind our cutting-edge platform is to turn the dream trips of your clients into a reality through simple, intuitive actions that yield exceptional results.

There are three primary ways to make a trip inquiry, each designed to cater to the unique preferences of your clients:


Make a Trip Inquiry &amp; Check Messages​

Upon login, you might choose the general ‘Design My Trip’ option, a clean slate that lets you input your client’s desired destination and travel specifications. Based on these details, Baboo matches you with the most suitable local expert. This freedom of choice embodies the essence of Baboo – a purely custom-tailored experience for each unique traveler.


Make a Trip Inquiry &amp; Check Messages​

At times, a pre-existing itinerary found under the ‘Trips’ feature may closely match your client’s envisioned vacation. In such instances, starting an inquiry from the chosen trip will directly connect you to the local expert who created that itinerary for further discussions and customizations. 


Make a Trip Inquiry &amp; Check Messages​

Our local experts are the heart of Baboo. If a particular local expert’s profile or created itineraries resonate with your client’s needs, start an inquiry directly with them to collaborate on the perfect trip.


Make a Trip Inquiry &amp; Check Messages​

Once you’ve initiated an inquiry, your interactions will center around our ‘Inbox’ feature which is built to enhance your communication experience. This widget not only allows you to quickly access all your conversations but also neatly organizes them, so you won’t need to sift through each inquiry separately. 

By activating the ‘Display Notification’ toggle within the Inbox, you will stay updated with real-time conversation notifications as long as you’re logged into Baboo. This ensures that you never miss out on important updates or messages. 

If you’re logged out or away, worry not! Baboo will also send email notifications regarding new messages – a gentle reminder nudging you back into the heart of the planning process. To ensure that these crucial emails navigate smoothly into your inbox rather than your spam folder, be sure to update your email settings.    

Transforming travel inquiries into finalized plans becomes a hassle-free journey with ‘Inbox’, your hub for seamless, efficient communications, and guaranteed response tracking on Baboo.


At Baboo, our commitment to providing a superior travel planning platform shines through these intuitive features, designed to streamline each stage of your clients’ journey creation. Our ‘Design My Trip’, ‘Trips’ and ‘Inbox’ tools transform complex processes into straightforward steps, molding each travel plan into an unforgettable journey. 

Ultimately, weathering the twists and turns of travel planning becomes a rewarding experience with Baboo’s system, enabling you to bring your clients’ dream vacations to life with ease and efficiency. So, embrace the ease of Baboo, and enjoy the travel planning journey as much as the destination itself. Welcome to Baboo, where exceptional journeys begin.

Have Questions? We’d love to help.

Really, any question. We are here to help. Always.

Have Questions? We’d love to help.

Really, any question. We are here to help. Always.