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General Baboo Platform FAQs

Find quick answers about Baboo’s services, expert selection, and our dedication to sustainability. Learn about trip planning, our environmental efforts, and how we create impactful travel experiences.

Baboo Travel is an innovative travel platform that seamlessly connects travelers with Local Destination Experts, ensuring personalized and unforgettable experiences. With a focus on creating the perfect itinerary, Baboo Travel takes the stress out of trip planning.

Simultaneously, Baboo Travel is dedicated to protecting biodiversity, benefiting local communities, and combating climate change by offsetting 110% of each trip’s carbon footprint. By combining personalized travel expertise with a strong commitment to sustainability, Baboo Travel sets itself apart in the travel industry, making it the ideal choice for conscientious travelers.


Choosing Baboo Travel means supporting a company that cares about travelers, local experts, and responsible travel. It offers unique experiences, 24/7 concierge support, and a focus on minimizing environmental impact.

Yes, Baboo Travel is a sustainable company. It operates as a B-Corporation, which means it upholds higher standards of social and environmental responsibility. Baboo Travel is committed to making a positive impact on the environment, local communities, and the overall travel industry. Through its sustainable practices, overcompensation for carbon emissions, and dedication to responsible travel choices, Baboo Travel sets an example for the industry and demonstrates its commitment to sustainability.

Baboo Travel operates by connecting travelers directly with its global community of Local Destination Experts who possess extensive knowledge of their respective destinations. The process begins with travelers answering a few simple questions, after which they are matched with 1 or 2 local experts in their chosen destination. This personalized approach to trip planning ensures that travelers receive expert guidance and recommendations tailored to their preferences and needs.

By leveraging the expertise of these local experts, Baboo Travel aims to make trip planning stress-free, engaging, and highly personalized, enhancing the overall travel experience for its customers.

Baboo Travel selects Local In-destination Experts through a rigorous process based on expertise, passion for the country, and affiliation with responsible companies.

These experts have deep knowledge of the local culture, attractions, and hidden gems. They provide 24/7 Concierge Service, assisting travelers directly. By connecting travelers with experts, Baboo enhances trips and lowers costs. The company prioritizes responsible travel and collaborates with local partners.

When you use our Local Destination Experts, you may arrange day trips and multi-day adventures, and they will customize your experience to get you deeper into the destination’s soul.

Once you’ve booked, the Trip Info tab gives you access to travel vouchers and more information about your trip. In addition, anytime before departure, you can make use of Messages to inquire about last-minute questions you may have.

We perfectly match you with our Local In-destination Experts through an advanced AI algorithm. It analyses your trip request and traveler profile and matches you with the most suitable Local In-destination expert available.

You will be able to visit your account area after making a trip request. Here you will be able to talk to your local in-destination expert in real-time via the messaging tab, where you can also check your expert’s time zone and online status.

Tourism influences the environment through CO2 emissions, deforestation, animal welfare concerns, reef destruction, and soil erosion.

Baboo Travel strives to make a positive impact by addressing environmental challenges, promoting sustainable practices, and encouraging responsible travel choices.

Baboo Travel goes beyond carbon neutrality by overcompensating for the carbon footprint of each traveler’s journey, investing in biodiversity and local communities, and combating climate change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Really, any question. We are here to help. Always.

Have Questions? We’d love to help.

Really, any question. We are here to help. Always.