Environmental Education

Environmental education allows people and businesses to learn about environmental issues, solve problems, and take action to improve the environment.
As a result, we gain a better grasp of environmental challenges and the ability to make educated decisions.

Environmental education includes the following components:

  • Environmental awareness and sensitivity
  • Environmental knowledge and understanding
  • Environmental concern and motivation to enhance or sustain environmental quality
  • Capability to detect and assist in the resolution of environmental issues
  • Participation in actions that contribute to the solving of environmental issues

Environmental education does not advocate for a specific point of view or course of action, but teaches people how to weigh several sides of an issue through critical thinking, and it improves their problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

Here at Baboo we have pledged our commitment to educate our partners and clients in regard to a more sustainable way of travelling and managing your business; in addition to making our journeys carbon positive by compensating 110% of the carbon footprint of each trip.

Environmental Education