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Agency Setup & Invite Agents

Guide to setting up your Baboo agency profile and inviting agents.
Agency Setup & Invite Agents

Creating and personalizing your Baboo Travel Agency company profile is a straightforward process.

Welcome to Baboo! Our goal is to help you provide the best and most efficient service to your clients by ensuring a well-directed agency setup and a collective work environment. That’s why we’ve made setting up your agency profile and inviting your team members straightforward and efficient.

Here’s a combined guide to setting up and personalizing your agency’s profile and expanding your team within Baboo:


1. Navigate to Profile Settings

Agency Setup & Invite Agents

Once you’re logged in at https://baboo.travel/agents, locate the Profile Settings on your dashboard. Within this section, you’ll find and click on the Agency profile located on the left side of the screen. This will open a new page where you can manage all aspects of your agency’s profile. 

2. Edit Profile Information

Agency Setup & Invite Agents

This is the section where you can personalize your agency’s information. 

Start by editing the name of your agency to ensure clients find your business effortlessly. Next, describe your agency in a way that attracts your target clientele. Also, ensure to add your country and city, as this will help clients understand where you’re located and which local laws or procedures apply to your services.

Don’t forget to add your website’s URL and all social media handles. This will help you maintain a consistent brand image across different platforms and increase your online visibility. 

Agency Setup & Invite Agents

If your agency operates across multiple locations, make sure to utilize the ‘Add Stores’ feature designated for this purpose. 

This distinctive function lets you divide each of your agents according to their specific store within your agency. By doing so, you streamline operations while offering a highly personalized experience tailored to the client’s location.

However, should you find this feature isn’t editable or if you encounter any issues while using it, don’t hesitate to reach out to the dedicated Baboo team for assistance. You can contact them at [email protected] for swift support.

3. Save Your Changes

After filling out all the necessary information and making sure it’s accurate, click on ‘Save’ button located at the bottom of the page. With your changes now saved, your customized agency profile is ready! 



Agency Setup & Invite Agents

Upon your agency setup completion and administrator role assignment, you will find an agency invite link within your Baboo profile. Located under the “Travel Advisor” tab in settings, this personalized link is your essential tool to invite potential team members to join your Baboo agency.

Each time a prospective agent clicks on this link, they will be taken through an easy registration process to automatically join your agency on Baboo.

Excitingly, you also have the option to invite individuals directly by sending an invitation to their email addresses.

As an administrator, you will be pleased to know that you can monitor the growth of your agency directly within the “Travel Advisor” tab. This section provides a view of all the agents who are part of your Baboo agency.



You’re now prepared to provide your clients with one-of-a-kind experiences, working with responsible travel operators, and saving them considerable planning time.

With your well-set agency profile and straightforward invite process, you’re one step closer to creating a harmonious work environment on Baboo. Let the teamwork begin! Here’s to unforgettable trips curated by your agency!

Have Questions? We’d love to help.

Really, any question. We are here to help. Always.

Have Questions? We’d love to help.

Really, any question. We are here to help. Always.